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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Rachel Ventura is championing a measure that mandates all vehicles owned by state or local government entities to either be a manufactured zero-emission vehicle or converted into a zero-emission vehicle.

“By complying with Climate Justice Alliance to have a million electric cars by 2030, my legislation will both be environmentally friendly and cost friendly in the long run,” said Ventura (D-Joliet). “Illinois set forth bold carbon-reduction goals in the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act. This is one way of ensuring that we meet those goals.”

Senate Bill 1769 would require all vehicles purchased or leased by a government unit after January 2025 to either be a manufactured zero-emission vehicle or a converted zero-emission vehicle.

“Illinois is poised to become a national hub for electric vehicle and battery production. State and local governments have an obligation to support this emerging industry by transitioning vehicles to electric or zero-carbon,” said Ventura. “We want government to do their part and meet these goals.”

Senate Bill 1769 passed Environment and Conversation committee Thursday and now moves to the Senate floor.