JOLIET – Following the city of Joliet’s decision to ask IDOT to allow temporary Route 53 access for the three warehouses that NorthPoint has built, State Senator Rachel Ventura released the following statement:

“Over the last seven years, NorthPoint developers and more recently the city of Joliet have requested temporary access to Route 53, residents across the district have routinely been against it due to environmental concerns and the significant increased traffic that would come.

“I echo my colleagues’ concerns regarding the developers’ lack of tangible solutions to deal with the increased truck traffic that would directly impact residents’ daily life. There needs to be accountability for the promises this developer has made. I encourage IDOT to deny temporary access and enforce the initial developer’s plans.

“I am committed to continuing to work to stop this decision in order to properly assess the project and end a request that would put profit over people. Many residents have vehemently opposed the project for years and we need the city of Joliet to listen to them.”