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SPRINGFIELD – Following the passage of the state’s Fiscal Year 2025 budget, State Senator Rachel Ventura stated that this budget is pointing in the right direction but has a long way to go.

“The budget relieves Illinoisans of the grocery tax and provides increased funding for the child tax credit in addition to increasing taxes on the sportsbooks gambling companies to pay for this,” said Ventura (D-Joliet). “Taxing the rich to create economic stability for working families is the right direction. However, the increase in net operating losses that large businesses and corporations can write off is now at $500,000 and should have been capped at $50,000. The increases to the child tax credit needs to be expanded to more families and I will continue to advocate for it. To invest in the needs of Illinois, we need to tax the rich and limit tax incentives and credits to the well off. Our tax dollars need to work for everyone.”

The budget includes investments for $50 million for a child tax credit for eligible low-income families with earned income tax credit (EITC) as well as wage increases for direct support professionals (DSP) and Community Care Program workers (CCP) and increased funds for safety net hospitals.

“Millions of working families across the state are struggling to make ends meet and this budget shifts tax dollars to stabilize our economy through better paying jobs and increasing the child tax credit,” said Ventura. “Not only are there major investments for early education, but also higher education. Investing in resources that afford everyone with the opportunity to receive a quality education, regardless of their ZIP Code, is vital to ensure our youth is prepared for what comes after school.”

Additionally, the budget includes funding to allow nearly all community college students and nearly half of public university students at or below median income levels to have their tuition and fees covered through MAP and federal Pell Grants.

“In addition to increasing pay for direct support professionals and in-home providers, one of my priorities was to expand funds for planting native trees and grasses to store carbon, and I am thrilled that $5 million has been allocated to fund a grant program for local government and nonprofits to do so,” said Ventura.

The budget passed the Senate Sunday.