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JOLIET Following IDOT’s decision to allow Route 53 access for the three warehouses that NorthPoint has built, State Senator Rachel Ventura released the following statement:

“I am vehemently opposed to the decision to allow Northpoint access to Route 53. For years, residents across the district have strongly been against this project due to environmental and health concerns as well as the significant increased traffic that would come to an area that has already been burdened with increased trucking over the years.

“This decision directly impacts residents’ daily lives. I have reached out to IDOT to better understand why and how this decision was made despite my letter last month asking to deny the project’s request to gain permanent access to Route 53. I have scheduled time with IDOT for a further conversation on this matter and other matters impacting our region.

“We cannot continue to put profits over people and disregard the thousands of residents who have voiced their concerns for years. I will continue to echo my constituents’ concerns on NorthPoint.”