CREST HILL — State Senator Rachel Ventura (D-Joliet) released the following statement after the governor announced a plan for transformative capital investments in Illinois Department of Corrections facilities:

“There is no reason incarcerated individuals should be subjected to a facility that lacks basic human necessities — from clean water to outdoor recreational space. The quality of life at the Stateville prison is beyond repair. It’s imperative we build a new facility — but we must do so in a way that takes into account the needs of its residents, their loved ones and workers.

“Employees of Stateville have made Will County their home. A just transition must be put forward to ensure not a single job is lost. Further, conversations must be had to ensure families of incarcerated individuals have a feasible way to see their loved ones — be that an option to zoom or transportation services. It’s imperative we keep people as close to their families as possible.

“I will be monitoring the situation closely and working with state officials to ensure a fair and just transition plan is implemented. All stakeholders — from employees to families — should have a seat at the table to put forth tangible solutions to safeguard jobs and the humanity of incarcerated individuals.”