SPRINGFIELD – To address crumbling roads in some of the district’s most traveled areas, State Senator Rachel Ventura is leading a measure that would impose a fee on interstate carriers with the collected fees going toward maintenance and repairs of roads most affected by heavy transportation travel.

“My district has one of the biggest transportation hubs in the state and has had ongoing issues with highway infrastructure due to heavy trucking,” said Ventura (D-Joliet). “Far too often, the 43rd District is left with the burden of fixing reoccurring pot holes and damage due to the lack of tax dollars from local sales since these trucks often sell goods from elsewhere. This fee would address that issue by directly funding new projects to help fix the roads that need it the most.”

Senate Bill 2784 would impose a cargo fee on each semi-truck that transports tangible personal property. The fee that will be imposed on carriers would vary between $0.50 and $8 per vehicle depending on weight.

The proceeds from the fee would be used by the Illinois Department of Transportation for road projects in areas with heightened levels of traffic as a result of mass transportation located in counties that contain an intermodal facility located on more than 3,500 acres.

“Not only is my district dealing with increased air pollution due to trucking and their emissions, but it also makes traveling in daily life more difficult due to increasing traffic,” said Ventura. “Should this fee pass, I hope to see major improvements not only in my district, but other areas dealing with similar mass transportation issues so all residents can travel safely.”

Senate Bill 2784 was heard in the Senate Revenue Committee on Wednesday.