JOLIET – Senator Rachel Ventura was appointed to serve on the Council of State Governments Intergovernmental Affairs Committee.

“This appointment will better position me to serve my colleagues in the senate and better advocate for residents of the 43rd District," said Ventura (D-Joliet). "My background working at different levels of government has prepared me for this new role.”

Ventura previously served as a Will County Board Member and as an employee for Joliet Township. Additionally, she also served as Vice President of the Forest Preserve District of Will County. Ventura hopes to utilize this new role to benefit the 43rd District and Illinois overall, providing key insight on topics such as environmental issues, taxes and criminal justice reform.

The CSG Intergovernmental Affairs Committee is the primary body setting the state - federal relations agenda for CSG. Additionally, it is a bipartisan committee comprised of officials from all three branches of state government, as well as CSG Associate members.

“Senator Ventura brings a new voice and wealth of experience to CSG,” said Illinois Senate President Don Harmon, who appointed Ventura to the CSG post. “I look forward to seeing her work.”

All committees will meet during the 2023 CSG National Conference, which is scheduled to be held Dec. 6-9 in Raleigh, NC.


JOLIET – State Senator Rachel Ventura successfully secured a $250,000 appropriation in Illinois’ 2024 state budget to support Habitat for Humanity's Neighborhood Revitalization effort in the Fairmont Neighborhood of unincorporated Lockport. This partnership aims to foster community growth, improve living conditions, and provide quality affordable housing for residents in need.

“By focusing on quality, sustainability, and community engagement, this collaboration will provide a brighter future for families in Fairmont,” said Ventura (D-Joliet). “These dollars will help residents in the 43rd District prosper and flourish in life, and I look forward to working with Will County and Habitat for Humanity to make this revitalization project come to life.”

Neighborhood revitalization is a comprehensive approach that focuses on transforming communities by addressing the critical needs of residents. Will County Habitat for Humanity has built a successful model that involves strategic collaborations and active engagement from local organizations, businesses, and residents, working together to create sustainable, safe, and vibrant neighborhoods.

Partnering with the Fairmont Neighborhood community and other stakeholders, they will pursue a variety of initiatives and projects over the next five years to revitalize the area and uplift the lives of its residents. The boost of funds secured by Senator Rachel Ventura will help kick start the early stages of this effort. Habitat will continue to build and repair homes as a crucial component of this endeavor and recently acquired six scattered site properties. They are currently in the process of obtaining an additional 18 sites to construct much-needed quality homes in the neighborhood.

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Ventura BookClub FB
JOLIET – To emphasize the importance of learning throughout the summer, State Senator Rachel Ventura is hosting a Summer Book Club.

“By reading throughout the summer, students can improve their reading level while not in school,” said Ventura (D-Joliet). “This is a great way to keep kids actively learning. Developing a love of reading at a young age is key to a child's development and to increase their desire to read.”

The Summer Book Club requires students to read eight books of their choice during the summer break, record the names of the books on a form and return the form to Senator Ventura’s office by Aug. 18.

Every child who completes the Summer Book Club will receive a gift card and a certificate from Senator Ventura.

Ventura encourages residents of the 43rd District to participate in the program and visit their local library. Summer Book Club forms are available at the following participating libraries: Woodridge Public Library,Fountaindale Public Library District, Joliet Public Library District, Three Rivers Public Library District, Manhattan-Elwood Public Library, White Oak Library District and Shorewood-Troy Public Library.

Summer Book Club forms are also available to download at SenatorVentura.com as well as contact information for the libraries. People with questions can reach out to Ventura’s office at (331) 290-0443.



SPRINGFIELD – To promote standardization on food labels and reduce food waste across the state, State Senator Rachel Ventura sponsored House Bill 3849, which was signed into law today.

“By providing more guidance on food labels, we can reduce the amount of food ending up in the garbage and help feed more community members struggling to get by,” said Ventura (D-Joliet). “As inflation continues to impact the rising cost of grocery bills, some families might extend the shelf life of their food purchases.”

According to ReFED, a national nonprofit working in conjunction with Harvard Law School's Food Law and Policy Clinic, a national food-labeling standard could divert 582,000 tons of food waste per year and provide $2.41 billion in annual economic value. Illinois does not currently have any food labeling laws; however, if labeled, eggs cannot be sold past the label date.

House Bill 3849 defines "quality date," "safety date" and "sell by date" and requires the Illinois Departments of Agriculture and Public Health to publish information to encourage food manufacturers, processors and retailers to voluntarily use uniform terms on food product labels to communicate quality and safety dates.

Under the law, the definition of "quality date" means a date on a label which informs consumers the date after which the food quality may begin to deteriorate but the food may still be acceptable for consumption.

"Safety date" means a date when the food should be consumed or frozen by the date listed on the package that applies to perishable products with potential safety implications over time. Lastly, "sell by date" means a date which is intended to communicate primarily to a distributor or retailer for purposes of stock rotation.

“This will provide accurate information for consumers about their food and help clear up confusion surrounding expiration dates,” said Ventura. “Not only will this legislation help with food waste, but it will also alleviate food insecurities in some communities.”

House Bill 3849 was signed into law today and goes into effect Jan. 1, 2024.

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